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Gift Your Decor with The New Fabric Box

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The Fabric Box collection of roller and vertical blinds presents a balance of harmonious tones, eclectic palettes, distinctive design & sophisticated textures.

Neutral hues and contemporary greys combine with dusky palettes and bright dramatic tones to balance classic and contemporary styling. Gentle florals and intricate detailing encapsulate timeless delicacy whilst striking symmetry, intrepid stripes and metallic elements emulate urban modernity. Stunning weaves and woven jacquards sit amongst lightly textured plains, delicate yarns, silky metallics, two tonal weaves and richly defined woven textures.

The collection integrates a variety of designs for differing aesthetic tastes and has been curated to synergise with soft upholstery textures and the latest interior trends.

Natures’ love

A key trend in lifestyle living is being closer to nature, to bring that feeling of serenity indoors. The heart-calming sensation gained from the wondrous world around us is epitomised throughout The Fabric Box collection.

Unique designs and distinctive colour combinations are inspired by nature’s grandeur; from bright tropical florals and delicate hummingbirds to twisted water vines and the crackles found in the Earth’s soil. Each element carefully transpires throughout the collection from our statement designs to intricately detailed jacquards.

Hand-drawn delicacy

Beautifully encapsulating the delicacy of nature, the new collection uses artistically conceptualised hand-drawn sketches and watercolour paintings to bring a touch of femininity. Inspired by the surface textures of Earth’s greenery and the soft powdery shades in aromatic florals, The Fabric Box nurtures intricate detailing with sensual designs and luxurious textures.

Pearlised tones combine to add further intrigue to the artistry of the collection. Luscious hues mix with metallic print to capture the splendour of the Winter berry, nature’s exposed branches and gentle garden leaves.

Structural deconstruction

Worldy inspired by not only Earth’s natural elements, the new collection deconstructs influences from structural buildings, urban walls, aging cities and cobbled streets. Irregular patterns, unexpected textures and contemporary tones inspire the infusion of geometric shapes, linear designs, refined textures and bold metallics.

Explore The Fabric Box Collection

Consisting of over 420 fabrics across 53 ranges and a collection of accessories, The Fabric Box offers the ultimate in versatility and choice, making decorating effortless.

For Further details contact Diamond Blinds who are an authorised supplier of Fabric Box.



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